Eating Well & Staying Sober


A Healthy Diet Can Help You In Recovery

You’ve taken the admirable first steps towards sober living. Admitting you have a problem and actively engaging in fixing it is a bold move. One that pays dividends over time.

The decision to quit drugs or alcohol means that you have prioritized physical and mental well-being. Family and friends. Economic stability.

So why is staying sober so hard? The benefits of sobriety give the impression that it might be easy.

It isn’t.

But life isn’t supposed to be easy. It’s about survival. Overcoming obstacles. Finding fulfillment. Personal development. Growth. And striving to be the best version of yourself by living with intent.


In the words of Seneca, the great Stoic philosopher:

“If a man knows not to which port he sails, no wind is favorable.”


Let’s find a port so we can catch a favorable wind, shall we?


Where to Start?

Successful addiction recovery isn’t just about eliminating unhealthy behaviors. It’s also about adopting new healthy ways of living.

It’s easier to replace a bad habit than it is to eliminate it.

Adopting a habit of healthy eating is the perfect starting point for replacing an unhealthy addiction to substances. The phrase “you are what you eat” is remarkably accurate. The food we put in our bodies quite literally rebuilds it. It affects our emotions. Our thoughts. Everything.

As a starting point, commit to eliminating the following foods from your diet immediately:

  • Sweetened beverages
  • Candy
  • Fried foods
  • Refined grains

I know it’s hard. But the good news is that there are absolutely no negative consequences to eating healthy food. Furthermore, healthy eating provides an opportunity to be mindful of what we put in our bodies. Here is a great article from Men’s Fitness on How To Create A Healthy Meal Plan.


Food For Thought

Addiction is marked by the consumption of unhealthy substances – to the point that it pulls us down to the very bottom of ourselves. Where life is bleak. Where all we can do is cope. And the coping mechanism turns out to be the engine of self-destruction. We become severed from ourselves and the world around us. And those who love us.

By implementing a healthy diet when living in recovery we make a conscious effort to be mindful of what we consume. We start paying attention to how what we put in our bodies makes us feel – physically, mentally, and emotionally.


Lasting Recovery

As life takes off and gets more complicated, it becomes easy to skip meals and eat fake food disguised as real food.

Put in the effort to be good to yourself. Eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Eat food that fuels your body and mind. If you do, sober living will get easier. You’ll build momentum.

When we successfully take ownership over various aspects of our lives something amazing starts to happen.

We feel good. We build confidence. We trigger the reward center of our brain – that place previously monopolized by drugs or alcohol.

We create new associations and behaviors. But with better outcomes.

Success breeds success. An action as simple as making a commitment to eating healthy and sticking with it can elevate a sober life to a higher place than any substance can reach.

It’s worth the effort.


Who We Are

NRhythm is a sober living community in Nashville, TN. Our sober living program is specifically design for men to live their best lives. Check out The Rhythm for more advice on successful recovery from drugs or alcohol.

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Got it!