Living Sober Isn’t Boring

A lot of recovering addicts feel as though living a sober life is a very boring process. They may associate their old life with being far more fun and exciting. Sobriety doesn’t have to equate to boredom. While there may not be many events or holidays that have been experienced without the consumption of drugs or alcohol, this provides many new experiences that a recovering addict can learn to enjoy all over again in a brand new way.

It might take a bit of effort to ease the anxiety that can come from these new experiences, but there are tried and true techniques that can help ease a person into their new life, and figure out how to deal with boredom. It won’t take long to realize that there is still plenty to enjoy.

Step Away From Your Comfort Zone

Trying something new and stepping out of your comfort zone provides you with an opportunity to open up new doors now that you’re living a sober life. You don’t have to take on all kinds of new experiences all in one day to avoid extreme boredom, but it’s a good idea to take small steps towards learning how to function again.

You might not be able to master a new skill the first time that you try it, but it’s a good idea to allow yourself to be uncomfortable and try something different. You will eventually find things that you enjoy, and you will learn to be comfortable doing new things.

Control Your Anxiety

Almost every recovering addict will experience anxiety at one time or another during their recovery. If you don’t control this anxiety, it can lead to a relapse. It’s a good idea to get some outside help for anxiety in order to recognize when it’s happening. This will help to prevent an anxiety attack, or you can at least learn the tools for controlling anxiety when it becomes a problem.

Anxiety is perfectly normal, and it’s a good idea to acknowledge what it is that you’re feeling. Listen to your mind and your body. Don’t try to push all these negative emotions away where they can’t be dealt with. This only causes your anxiety to build up more and more. Some people utilize meditation as an effective way to control their anxiety. Others can laugh it off or use their imagination to get their thoughts under control for the time being.

Control Negative Thoughts

Many people become nervous or negative when they are trying something new. Living a newly sober life is something that many recovering addicts feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar with. Don’t keep yourself in the house because you feel negative or are experiencing extreme boredom.

You’ll never progress with your sobriety if you allow your self-confidence to become crushed by pessimism. Don’t think about all the things that could go wrong at an event. Just put yourself out there and see how it goes. If something does go wrong, don’t take yourself so seriously and you’ll learn how to deal with boredom.

Enjoying the Journey

Living sober can open up a whole new world of excitement and new activities. The key is to have an open mind and enjoy the journey that you’re now on. If you are constantly worrying about being sober, this focus will eventually consume you and make you more likely to relapse. There are plenty of good things about being sober. Your loved ones will eventually find a new level of trust in you.

Living sober allows you to feel much healthier, and your body will function much better if you are not using drugs or alcohol to get through the day. A new level of energy will provide you with many opportunities to try new things that you never thought you could do before.

Becoming sober doesn’t mean that you have to completely stop living. You’re simply ending one chapter of your life and starting something new. It’s ok to set new goals for yourself. You may want to go back to school to finish what you started. You may want to look for a new career or start a family.

Sober Living in Nashville, TN

Find new activities that you enjoy in order to replace the thoughts that you have about sobriety being boring. It may take some trial and error to figure out your new normal, but success is right around the corner.

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