Making Amends

An Introduction to the Process of Making Amends

The thought of making amends with friends or loved ones can seem like a difficult and daunting task. But it’s a necessary step when moving forward in your journey towards a better, sober life. NRhythym sober living community in Nashville, TN has the primary goal of helping men fully recover from addiction. It’s important to enter sobriety with the support needed to achieve full healing. One of the most important steps of recovery is to make amends with those who were negatively impacted by behaviors or actions conducted while in the throes of addiction.


Making the Decision to Make Amends

No one can force you to make this step forward in your recovery process. It happens with time and is different for each individual, yet it is an important aspect of recovery that can’t be overlooked. When you are open and genuine about making amends, it’s truly amazing how accepting, encouraging, and forgiving friends and family can be.

NRhythym is here to guide and support men who have made the bold decision to move forward in their own recovery journey. Everyone has a different story –  we recognize that. Our team of specialists works with each man to ensure that he is ready to address and cover this step. Additionally, your sober living support group will be there to encourage you as you navigate through the process of making amends. Undertaking this important step can be stressful. But once it’s over, you may feel more empowered than you have in years.


How To Make Amends

One of the first steps involved in the process of making amends is to take a step back and to acknowledge that your prior behavior has hurt or affected the lives of others. It is also crucial that you forgive yourself. Don’t beat yourself up over the past. It’s far more proactive to focus on being better in the here and now – be mindful.

It’s entirely okay to say “I messed up. I made a mistake. I was wrong.” The people in your life will want for you to get better. Even the family and friends you may have hurt or affected while battling your addiction with drug abuse or alcoholism. It may surprise you how willing people are to listen when you address them genuinely, with an open heart, and with the determination to move forward in life.


What Does It Mean To Make Amends

The amends process is different for every man who seeks sobriety. No two stories are entirely alike. At this time, it is critical that those in recovery ask themselves, “What does it mean to make amends for me in my life? Your story is like no other and different people may have been affected by your addictive behavior. This time of introspection is designed to truly assess previous ways of living, and to evaluate the ways in which your addictions have altered not only your own life but the lives of those around you.

Friends and family, even coworkers and acquaintances, may need to be addressed and apologized to. Owning up to your actions and making it clear that you have changed and desire to move forward as a new man is something that those affected by your addictive behavior need to hear. Journaling may help when evaluating past behaviors. Take time to write down a list of those who have been hurt by your behaviors. This will help make the process clear and concrete.


How To Apologize To Someone You Love

NRhythym will help you determine how to apologize to someone you love. Sometimes an apology does not facilitate immediate forgiveness or healing with someone who has been hurt by addictive behavior. It is important to remember that healing and recovery are an entire process for all parties, including you and others who have been involved with your past behaviors. Rebuilding relationships may take some time. As a member of NRhythym sober living, you will always be encouraged and supported.


Finding Guidance at NRhythym

NRhythym’s luxury sober living community is situated in the heart of Nashville, TN. We provide men in recovery with a safe, active, and interesting recovery environment with no shortage of vibrant activities to engage in. Nashville’s offerings include an unparalleled music scene, sports venues, and an accessible and engaging outdoors life. NRhythym exists to help men reevaluate and to reinvent their lives, soberly. Contact us today to learn more.

We are here to help those affected by Covid-19. If you need support during this time, book a teletherapy session or an online wellness check-in with us.

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