Relapse Warning Signs

What is a Relapse?

Many people who are trying to overcome an addiction are asking “What is a relapse?” It is possible for a person to completely recover from a drug or alcohol addiction and start using the drug again. This is known as a relapse. Most people who are recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction will relapse at least once.


Stages of a Relapse

There are three stages of a relapse. There is an emotional stage, mental stage, and physical stage. Knowing what happens in each stage is one of the keys to recognizing the signs of a relapse. A person is thinking about using the drug again during the emotional stage. They may start to feel angry, moody and emotional. They may feel as though the best way to cope with these feelings is to start using the drug again.

The second stage of the relapse is the mental stage. It is often referred to as a tug or war stage. A person wants to stay sober, but they keep getting the urge to use this drug. It can be difficult to fight through this stage, which is why many people end up on the physical stage.

People who are dealing with cravings may think that they can satisfy the craving by using the drug one time. However, this can result in a full relapse.


Relapse Warning Signs

There are a number of signs of a relapse that are important to recognize. You can start the journey of relapse recovery once you recognize the signs.


Change in Attitude

Many people feel that they do not have to go to their recovery program. They may feel as though it is not helping them. This can change in attitude can be one of the warning signs of a relapse.


Elevated Stress

Returning to the normal life after leaving an addiction treatment center can be incredibly stressful. It is normal to have some stress. However, if you find that you are overreacting to certain situations, then this is a problem. Mood swings and exaggerated feelings can trigger a relapse. Practice mindfulness and learn to live in the moment.


Withdrawal Symptoms

Depression, anxiety, and insomnia are some of the most common withdrawal symptoms. It is possible for a person to experience these symptoms long after they stop using the drugs. You may find these symptoms are more intense during times of intense stress.


Behavior Changes

Addiction treatment centers teach people how to develop a routine that will help them stay sober. It places emphasis on replacing unhealthy behaviors with healthy ones. If you find yourself reverting back to your old habits, then this may be a sign of a relapse.

Additionally, you may find that you completely abandon your daily routine. For example, you may find that you sleep late or skip meals. You may also neglect your personal hygiene.


Relapse is Preventable

It is possible to avoid a relapse. The key to avoiding one is to recognize the relapse symptoms. If you know the relapse symptoms, then you can make the healthy choices that you need to avoid a relapse.

It is important to remember that even if a relapse happens, then it is not the end of the world. Once you recognize the signs and seek treatment, you will be on the road to relapse recovery.


Getting Help

If you have noticed relapse warning signs, then it is imperative that you get help as soon as possible. NRhythm can help you get your life back on the right track. We will help you overcome your relapse so that you can live a healthy and happy life in recovery.

We are here to help those affected by Covid-19. If you need support during this time, book a teletherapy session or an online wellness check-in with us.

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