Staying Busy In Recovery

Learning how to manage an addiction is hard work. However, you’ll quickly find that the fun part of being in recovery is having the opportunity to develop new interests and hobbies that bring meaning to your life. Apathy and boredom are huge triggers for cravings, and the last thing you want to do is fall into a relapse

While engaging in sober activities is fun, you’ll also be happy to know that all of those recreational activities are helping your recovery. Staying busy is easy when you use these strategies to retrain your brain to enjoy living a healthy lifestyle.

Think Back to Your Childhood

Right now, you might be thinking that you don’t even know what you like to do anymore. Addiction recovery is all about tapping into the past to find the things that you used to love. Spend some time talking to a friend about some of your favorite childhood memories, and just see what comes up. Perhaps you used to love playing an instrument in your high school band, or you might have once been an amazing painter. These are all great places to start for finding things to do instead of drinking or doing drugs.

Do Some Form of Exercise Every Day

By now, you’ve probably figured out that physical activities are a huge part of sober life. When you live with other sober people, you can always find someone to enjoy a game of pick up basketball or go swimming. Physical exercise can also involve heading to the gym to lift some weights or engage in some cardio fitness. It doesn’t matter what you do as long as you get your body moving. The best part is that physical sober activities tend to take up a lot of time, which makes it easier to avoid cravings during the day.

Cultivate Outdoor Interests

Your sober life should also include lots of time outside. Sunlight exposure helps your body to produce vitamin D, which can give you a greater sense of energy and vitality. Spending time around nature also helps to promote a better sense of relaxation. Try asking someone in your addiction recovery group to go for a hike, or you could start a small container garden at your sober living house. Your favorite forms of exercise can also be done outside so that you can double up on the benefits that you enjoy from staying busy.

Volunteer at a Local Charity

When you are looking for things to do instead of drinking, volunteering has tons of benefits. Serving within your community helps you to develop a sense of purpose and responsibility. After all, you can’t wake up hungover when people are depending upon you to show up to help. Volunteering positions provide you with a way to update your job skill set as well. If it has been awhile since you worked, then offering your services to a charitable organization can give you some much needed experience to put on your resume. The majority of volunteer positions need people to work several hours at a time, and you can use this in place of a job to fill up your schedule until you are ready to work. 

Become a Writer

Writing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to publish a book. Although you can totally shoot for that goal if it has always been your dream. Writing can be something as simple as jotting down some notes in your recovery journal. Many people find that writing is a practice that they use at night to unwind instead of drinking. You can also write down a few goals for your day first thing in the morning. Getting your thoughts on paper helps to reinforce your commitment to sobriety.

Make Meditation a Daily Practice

Your list of ways to stay busy should also include things that help you deal with anxiety in recovery. Daily meditation sessions help you to focus your mind on staying calm, and you’ll find that this feels like a mini-break when times get tough. You can meditate on your own, or participate in a group session that helps you feel connected to the other people who help you enjoy life in sobriety.
Staying busy in recovery is so much easier when you are surrounded by other like minded adults. NRhythm is a sober living community located in Nashville, TN. Our team of recovery professionals is passionate about helping people overcome addiction so that they are free to be the best versions of themselves. Reach out to us today to learn how you can start living your best life.

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