The Benefits of a Sober Living Home

When it comes to overcoming a drug or alcohol addiction, successfully getting through addiction treatment is only half the battle. Upon leaving rehab, the recovering addiction sufferer faces the challenge of re-establishing themselves in society. Make no mistake about it, this is not an easy undertaking.

Not all people leaving addiction treatment are immediately ready to resume taking on the responsibility of living a productive life. Some people need additional time to adjust to living their lives without depending on drugs/alcohol. Sober living homes exist for this very reason.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living home is a structured living environment where recovering addicts can come together to secure additional recovery time. During their stay there, they live under the rules as set forth by the residential manager. In a lot of cases, the manager is also a recovering addict. 

While the rules may vary from one sober living home to the next, most of the rules are generic and common. These rules include:

  • Wllingness to submit to random drug testing
  • Zero tolerance for the use of any unauthorized substance
  • Attendance in addiction counseling sessions and or AA/NA meetings
  • No inappropriate fraternization with other residents
  • No overnight visitors
  • Handling of assigned chores and responsibilities

As long as residents abide by the rules and makes good progress, they will be rewarded with more freedoms and responsibilities. Eventually, each resident should get to the point where they feel confident about leaving the house to return home.

The Benefits of Sober Home Living

It’s no small consideration that a recovering addict can garner a lot of benefits from a sober living home. That’s why so many rehab facility counselors willingly promote the idea of their clients giving the option a try. There are far worse things that can happen after rehab that going into a safe environment with other recovering addicts.

In the following sections, we focus on the specific benefits of sober home living. 

Buying Addictional Recovery Time

Time is a friend to anyone who is trying to recover from a drug/alcohol addiction. While living in this environment, residents must stay sober. The longer they can stay sober, the more likely they are to continue on the path of recovery in the future. A sober living home makes the perfect time bridge between addiction treatment and living in the real world.

Reestablishing Living Structure

When addiction sufferers are caught up in the cycle of addiction, their lives tend to lose all structure. They tend to lose track of time and don’t always follow through on their responsibilities. 

In a sober living environment, everything is structured because of the aforementioned rules. The hope is that as residents get used to the structure, they will take that new structure with them when they return home.

Creating Support Resources

Beyond addiction counseling, the best support resource for someone in recovery is another person in recovery. It’s important to remember that everyone in a sober living house has something important in common. They have all recently had their lives turned upside down by substance abuse. That has likely led to other experiences they have in common that occurred while living the life of addiction.

While spending weeks or months together, it’s possible for residents to build meaningful relationships. These relationships can quickly turn into the support resources someone needs the most. 

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