Our Story

I thought, like you probably did, that if I created the perfect family then everything would be okay. I thought that if I helped my step son in any way that I could, he would grow up happy and healthy. What I learned was that addiction can penetrate any family system and robs those we love of everything they could be.

That’s what happened to us. Addiction almost took my son from me. For a time, it robbed us of all we had hoped for him. It stole his ambition, his honesty, and his integrity. It stole his heart.

I tried desperately to save him. Multiple treatment programs failed. Sincere beginnings and failed endings, only to go right back to the drugs and alcohol. Like many other families, we tried everything. We went back and forth from faith to despair. What we never had was a solution or a plan. Our son was shuffled from treatment center to treatment center, sober living to sober living, being treated like a problem and never given a true solution.

What finally worked was a year-long plan that consisted of the proper treatment, structured sober living, and a system of accountability. I no longer had to lean on our son for him to let us know how he was doing, we could trust in the plan.