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How to Stay Sober in Early Recovery - NRhythm in Nashville, TN.

How to Stay Sober in Early Recovery

April 25, 2018

Early recovery from drug addiction or alcoholism presents many rewards and challenges. Most recovering addicts can attest to the fact that their worst day sober is better than their best day loaded. Recovery is about more than just abstaining from your substance… [ Read More ]

Mindfulness: Live in the Moment - NRhythm in Nashville, TN.

Mindfulness: Learn to Live in the Moment

March 28, 2018

Q: How to Enjoy Life? A: Live in the Moment.   Be here now. Be more mindful. Live in the moment… These sentiments all express a similar motive: being present in your daily life. Words like these get tossed around so much… [ Read More ]