The Space

A home is more than a structure. It is the heartbeat of our existence. A place to return to for solace and community. The core of our love and support system.

At least it should be.

For men who suffer from drug addiction and alcoholism, a home can turn into a place of isolation and self-destruction. A place to drink and use drugs. A place of hiding and dysfunction.

That all needs to change.

NRhythm is a sober living community in Nashville, TN.  We are more than a 16-bed Recovery Lifestyle Community – we are home.

We have meticulously created a tranquil and healing environment that spares no expense. Our properties come with a state-of-the-art kitchen, fully-loaded living room, comfortable amenities, and a rooftop patio with a view of the city.

Getting sober is more than giving up bad habits. It’s about transformation.

We know that the more we invest in our properties, and the better we treat our guests, the more they will feel invested in their own recovery journey.

We earn the investment of our guests by giving all we can to their early recovery experience.