The Importance of Setting Goals In Recovery and How to Set Them

Setting goals is an important aspect of many things you do in life. A practice of establishing goals for addiction recovery should be no different. However, setting goals in recovery can be a little different from how you set goals in other areas of your life.

Goals are a way you can help to motivate yourself. This can be extremely important in helping you in your recovery. Let’s look at why goal setting in recovery is important, plus explain how you can successfully set addiction recovery goals for yourself.

Why Set Recovery Goals?

Goal setting is a useful tool in your recovery. Early recovery can be overwhelming. There is an adage in recovery circles that insists addicts and alcoholics do well to focus on each day, one at a time. This is a perfect way to help boost your sense of accomplishment.

Each day that you add to your clean and sober life is a goal realized. Even the smallest victories can prove valuable in recovery. As you continue to meet new goals, recovery becomes less daunting.

When you apply the practice of setting a goal to stay sober for a single day, you not only establish an attainable and realistic goal, you remove the fearful thoughts of trying to imagine staying clean and sober for the rest of your life. Which can be a huge relief.

Setting goals in recovery can also serve as guideposts. They help you to understand the parts of your lifestyle that you need to change. Recovery is more than just overcoming a bad habit. A vital goal for recovery needs to be positive change.

When you establish goals for change, these changes will become more real. With recovery goals, preferably written down, you will see your progress and build on that success. The reason you set goals in your recovery is to help give your recovery meaning and purpose.

How to Set Recovery Goals

Addiction recovery will have periodic challenges, some more difficult than others. An important suggestion for how to set recovery goals is to focus on simple and attainable goals. For instance, temper any expectations of staying sober for a month or a year.

Sure, that is the ultimate goal, but when you practice the recommended single day of sobriety approach, you gain that reward repetitively every 24-hours. Realizing goals can provide a huge boost to your motivation and self-esteem when the harder challenges happen.

Another useful suggestion for setting goals is to write them down. This releases you from the job of trying to remember your goals. In addition, it will give you a sense of accomplishment when you can look at a goal you put down on paper and achieved.

One commonly suggested goal for early sobriety is to wake up and make your bed. It may seem senseless to write this goal down, but it works. You can use accomplishing this simple goal as a way to begin to appreciate how encouraging it can be to reach a goal.

In addition, each night as you go to bed every night with clear and encouraging evidence that no matter how difficult a day may have been to sober, you are a success. You have set a goal and met that goal. Tomorrow will be a new day with new goals to reach for.

Addiction recovery can be one of the most challenging things you will do in your life. However, continuing the same behaviors may take that life from you. One thing that can help dramatically improve your chances in recovery is setting goals.

Setting goals in recovery will give you a target to aim for and something to build on once you reach that goal. Addiction recovery goals can help you establish a new vision for your life, one that improves your self-esteem and your confidence to live clean and sober.

Getting Help For An Addiction

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